Services we offer

Talent Management Service

We consider human resources as the best asset an organization can possess. To us they are almost like natural resources, often buried deep and cannot be identified with a superficial search. We have to delve deeper to identify the right talent and that has always been our focus. We identify employers requiring candidates for their IT projects, tap experienced candidates who are on the verge of transition in search of challenging careers and maintain a repository of candidates' data that we can always fall back upon. Our CMS, viz. Candidate Management System is our invaluable record for we not only record date, but also keep on updating the latest status of candidate profile keeping track of his progression.
For sourcing clients and candidates we resort to references from business partners / contacts and also avail of reputed employment portals.

Our recruitment process

We flag off our process with a talent search where we take stock of both candidate's requirements and client's specifications, match the two, conduct an initial interview followed by the client interviewing the shortlisted candidates. We follow through by informing the selected candidate and conclude with completion of paper work related to the incumbent getting on board the organization.

Placement Statistics (Number of Candidates Placed)

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Permanent Placement 2 10 28
Contract Placement 3 19 25 34 61

Client Statistics (Number of Clients)

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Permanent Placement 5
Contract Placement 3 3 9 12 22

Managed Services

Hanodale's completely outsourced IT department comprises committed staff who not only complement the existing IT team at the client's place but also effectively function as an extended arm of their in-house team. The seamless blending of our team with the client's work culture and process flow helps them manage their IT deliverables faster and defect-free, giving the senior management adequate time to focus on long term organizational objectives.

Our support includes

  • Deployment of an entire project team at client's place
  • User support for onsite and offsite staff
  • Dedicate Project Manager and Account Manager

Customized Software Development

Software development has been Hanodale's chosen field of expertise. Our integrated offerings at highly affordable price span from Application Development/Maintenance and IT infrastructure management and extend up to strategic consulting and industry oriented business process solutions. Our proven track record of project completion on time upholding highest standards of quality has earned us an impressive client base elevating us to the position of "preferred IT partner". Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to large organizations, for our focus is not on the breadth of our client's business but on the depth of our long-term relationship with them.


# Client Project
1 MOSTI/AELB Radioactive Monitoring System
2 BP Healthcare Web Based Clinical Management System, BP Audiometric System
3 Masterskill University MAGiC Portal, Clinical Posting System
4 UTW/Airport Malaysia e@Works (Web Based), CMMS (Windows Based)
5 C-Track (DigiCore) Customer Relationship Management System
6 Persang Jati Sdn. Bhd Billing and Accounts Receivable
7 Century Software Student Accounting System
8 Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd CRM

Customized Development Process

Business consultants meet client to understand project, platform and design.

Requirements analyzed, software architecture designed and design specification document prepared

Prototype runs on actual platform. Post client approval, development process started. Testing starts at prototype phase and is ongoing right through project milestones

After systems gets into production, end users are trained to use application effectively.

Preparation of user manual, deployment manual, entity relation document, training material, UAT (Test document)

System Integration and Maintenance

Today technology drives the future; but for technology companies to avail of the plethora of opportunities open to them, they need to be on their toes, willing to learn and unlearn and be flexible enough to cater to the continuous change in work force, customer needs and business demands. It is this trait of ours that helps us deliver effective solutions across several domains seamlessly operating on a platform of various programming languages deployed at live servers.

System Integration

  • Computer Hardware, Software, and/or Server Installation and Configuration
  • Network Design and Installation (Wired & Wireless)
  • VPN and Remote Access Configuration
  • System Security Configuration (Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware)
  • Data Backup System configuration
  • Database & Custom Software Tools
  • System Administration
  • Monitoring and Maintenance

    • Computer Systems
    • Server
    • Network
    • Software Licenses
    • Security Software/Hardware and logs

ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)

Hanodale enables organizations to extract, transform and load (ETL) data from across many different sources to collate consistent, accurate information. Our business rules originate from our comprehensive understanding of customer requirements and therefore enable rapid and accurate generation of data warehouses, data marts and data streams.


Focus areas of ETL

  • Refining Data quality
  • Analyzing CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • BI (Business Intelligence) and Reports
  • Data migration
  • Application integration

# Client Project
1 DENSO Integration Project
2 Masterskill University CAS to EMS data Migration and Integration

Business Intelligence Reports and Dashboards

Business Intelligence gives you the information when you need it, in the format you need. By integrating data from across your enterprise and delivering self-service reporting and analysis, Business Intelligence also offers an integrated, robust and flexible presentation layer for the full breadth of Analytics capabilities, including statistics, predictive analytics, data and text mining, forecasting, and optimization - all integrated within the business context for better, faster decision making.

Bi Reports

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboards solution fulfills the information needs of business users across the enterprise sans IT overheads. It enables informed decisions by facilitating data analysis and data interpretation real-time with minimal IT dependence.